Maximize Uptime & Control Costs With Our Comprehensive Full Maintenance Program

Full Maintenance Program (FM)


The Full Maintenance Program (FM) is tailored for companies with fixed-cost budgetary constraints, providing a comprehensive and predictable maintenance solution. This plan allows you to accurately budget for forklift repair and periodic maintenance costs for up to 5 years, ensuring operational efficiency and financial stability.

Key Features

  • All-Inclusive Repairs: Covers all repairs except those caused by abuse or misuse, ensuring optimal forklift performance.
  • No Travel Fees: Eliminates travel-related charges, providing a straightforward and predictable billing process.
  • Parts Included: All necessary parts for repairs are included, simplifying maintenance logistics.
  • Scheduled Maintenance: Regular planned maintenance services enhance forklift reliability and longevity.
  • Detailed Reporting: Access periodic maintenance and cost analysis reports as needed, aiding in operational and financial planning.
  • Rental Benefits: Enjoy a 50% discount on rental costs if a forklift requires extensive shop repairs, ensuring continuity of operations.


  • Predictable Costs: Lock in maintenance costs, making it easier to manage budgets and financial forecasts.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: All repairs and parts included under a single plan, reducing administrative burdens.
  • Operational Efficiency: Regular maintenance and rapid repairs minimize downtime, keeping operations running smoothly.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Detailed reports provide insights into maintenance needs and costs, allowing for better resource allocation.

Why Choose FM Over PM?

  • FM offers comprehensive repairs and parts, eliminating separate billing and unexpected costs.
  • FM provides on-demand detailed reporting and significant rental discounts, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • FM ensures no travel fees and locks in costs for up to 5 years, offering greater financial predictability and simplicity.